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Varsity League of Legends Team Announced

Tryouts for the first Boise State University varsity League of Legends team were held the week before Christmas in the new temporary sports lab located in the education building. Players participated both in person and online in three days of play, coaching, and evaluation with 12 players selected for the inaugural squad.   The team will participate in the 12 week spring season with universities from around North America and compete in the College League of Legends tournament hosted by Riot Entertainment.

The roster for this team is listed below.

Varsity League of Legends Roster

The 2018 Varsity League of Legends roster averages at Diamond rank.
Cole FowlerGedhawk1Top Lane
Alexander MooreNotKobaTop Lane
Paul VaughanSulpanJungler
Luther YuLYUMid Lane / Jungler
Daniel WuWujinMid Lane
Conner TidwellFadeADC
Robert FaricyLlynxADC
Brandon KosiancicRedhotsADC
Derek BryantAdopted LemonsSupport
Brett JonesPhaty11Support
Kevin KelleyMythmaker13Flex
Moteeb NainUnfolded TacoFlex

Additional invitations may be extended to specific players who are unable to try out.

The 2018 Varsity League of Legends team will participate in both a regular season and the College League of Legends series and tournament.  The regular season will consist of teams in the Mountain West Conference, Big Ten, Pac 12, and NACe schools.  All regular-season games will be broadcast on the University Twitch channel at  In all, the team will play 20 intercollegiate games in the 12 week season.

Season Schedule

DateOpponentTime MT
1/10/2018Nevada6:00 PM
1/17/2018NMSU6:00 PM
1/24/2018Colorado State7:30 PM
1/31/2018Oregon6:00 PM
2/7/2018Georgia Southern7:30 PM
2/14/2018Penn State7:30 PM
2/21/2018Washington State7:30 PM
2/28/2018Maryville7:30 PM
3/7/2018UNLV6:00 PM
3/14/2018Idaho7:30 PM

The team will be led by esports directors Dr. Chris Haskell and Dr. Brett Shelton with coaching by professional players/coaches Kurtis “Mushi” Nicks and Nicolas “NicothePico” Korsgård from Fnatic.

Partnered with Omen by HP, Ballistix, Twitch, Archon Clothing, and others, the team expects to be featured heavily in media coverage during the spring esports season.

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