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League of Legends Post-season

After winning 10 straight games in the regular season in Collegiate League of Legends,  the Broncos qualify for the round of 16 play-in tournament for a chance at their first national championship.  Despite losing in the Mountain West conference championship match in Las Vegas to San Jose State University, the team still qualifies for the postseason.

Four teams automatically advance as winners of their respective automatic qualifier divisions, North, East, West, and Big Ten. Each of these automatic qualifier divisions send their first seed directly to the Riot headquarters in May for the eight-team tournament. 16 teams, including Boise State and San Jose State, will play for the remaining four spots.

Group B opponents for the Broncos include Columbia College, DePaul University, Drew University, Michigan State University, New York Institute of Technology, North Carolina State University, University of South Carolina, Aiken.   All teams in the group will play a best-of-1 round Robin. The top two teams will advance to the live finals.

The Broncos prepared to take down Air Force at the Mountain West Conference championships in Las Vegas.

Results and details can be found here.

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