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Rocket League is MWC Grand Champion

Despite the absence of Rocket League in the Mountain West Conference Esports event, schools led by Utah State University Esports created their own Mountain West Spring Classic to serve as the conference championship in the popular 3v3 game.

Teams representing the University of Wyoming, San Jose State University, Colorado State University, University of Nevada Reno, University of New Mexico, University of Nevada Las Vegas, San Diego State University, and Boise State battled it out in a double elimination bracket.

Early predictions identified the potential final match as Colorado State versus Utah State, both talented teams. Colorado State was upset by this year’s surprise power Nevada. Boise State was able to replicate the result versus Utah state in a game that happened face-to-face in the Boise State arena earlier this year. After defeating Nevada in the Winners Final, Colorado State and Utah State participated in the Redemption Bracket semi-final for a chance to play Nevada to get into the championship game.

Utah State advanced to play Nevada and almost performed a reverse sweep. However, Nevada took control with a minute left in game six to close out the Aggies in advance to the championship game with Boise State.

The Broncos ultimately defeated the Wolfpack in the grand final to claim the Mountain West Spring Classic title.


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