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Army National Guard Overwatch Tournament

Boise State University Teamed up with Idaho Army National Guard to host 1st ever IDARNG Overwatch Tournament

On Saturday the 24th marked the start of the final weekend before the beginning of a new semester for students at Boise State University. While some people were scrambling to the local grocery store to stock up on their ramen, gamers from across the state of Idaho were gathering in downtown Boise to participate in the first Uncle Sam’s Boise State University Summer Showdown. The event was co-hosted by the Idaho Army National Guard and Boise State University. It was a battle for honor, bragging rights, and an IN REAL LIFE Army National Guard loot box as 16 teams joined together to participate in this unique Overwatch 3v3 Tournament. The tournament began with the competitors splitting into two groups, Alpha Group and Bravo Group, playing each other round-robin style. The results of these rounds were used to determine the top eight teams and the seeding for the final bracket. The eight teams who qualified for the playoffs at the Gamepants Arena on Front Street brought a lot of diversity to the stage. There were varsity players, varsity prospects, Boise State Esports club players,  high school students competing for the first time, Top 500 players, and Twitch streamers all representing themselves and their team.

During Alpha Group Stages, stand out performances from Team Playto who went undefeated during the Round Robin. Guac and Playto, both high schoolers, brought a new level of Overwatch play to their 3rd teammate Sulpan who is on the Boise State University Varsity Overwatch team. A close battle for 2nd was Pepegas and Weebs with Pepgas getting 2nd place and a higher seed in the Top 8 bracket.

During Bravo Group Stages, the Idaho Army National Guard and the Idaho Air National Guard team came out to compete. The round-robin started off with fireworks as the Army and Air Force battled in round 1. With honor and bragging rights on the line, the series went the distance with the Air Force defeating the Army. The action didn’t stop there, Big-B and Needhealing, both teams consisting of students at Boise State University, fought for every last game and battled for 3rd and 4th place cementing their spot in the  Top 8 Bracket. The stand out performance of Bravo group was Team Plasma, a high school team from Bear Lake that drove the 5 hours to compete in this tournament who went undefeated.

Team Plasma, Playto, Feral Roadhogs, Pepegas, Weebs, Big-B, iNeedHealing, and Team Exquisite all qualified for the championship bracket. In the end, the final match was taken down to the wire between the top two teams, Playto, and Pepegas in a best of seven Grand Finals. The final score was 4-3 in favor of the Pepegas and becoming the 1st ever Uncle Sam Champions. The team won Loot Boxes provided by the Army National guard.

Following the conclusion of the tournament, there was a show match on the Varsity Blue stage between the members of the student body ran esports club team Big-B and the Idaho Army National Guard team. Ineedhealing stepped up to battle against the Army National Guard team who brought their A-game. This match also went the distance, with Big-B taking a 4-3 victory over the IDANG. The Uncle Sam’s Summer Showdown is the first of many events that will be sponsored by the Idaho Army National Guard and Boise State University. All the games were broadcasted on Idaho Army National Guard’s twitch channel: and are available to watch and relive the action.

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Boise State Varisty Esports Try-Outs

Come Play
If you love the games, you should come and play.

We are building the teams for the upcoming school year and we hope you will want to be a part of the fun.  Boise State is largely considered one of the top 3 collegiate esports programs in the nation and garners national attention for the highly competitive teams, amazing facilities, and top broadcast space. This year will be even better than the last.

We want everyone who loves to play to come and play, regardless of SR/ELO.  That’s why we have open play times in addition to organized intercollegiate scrimmages to test your communication and play.

Please share a couple more details so we can get the seat count correct.

Overwatch Click here
League of Legends Click here

Fill it out even if you are not in town during the events.

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Dr. Haskell, our Head Coach @Haskell and our main Esports Account @esportsBSU
Instagram @BoiseStateEsports

MWC Overwatch Season

The Mountain West conference is actively embraced esports, with the desire to be the home of the most active and successful collegiate esports programs in the nation. Of the 12 teams in the MWC,  all of them are participating in esports ranging from club to full varsity programs like Boise State.

The Overwatch conference season launched on Wednesday, April 17 with 10 teams broken into two divisions.

Teams in the Mountain division include Colorado State, New Mexico, Air Force, Wyoming, and Boise State. Teams in the West division include San Jose State, Fresno State, Nevada, UNLV, and Hawaii. Each division will play a round robin tournament to seed two teams into the semifinals. Both the Mountain and the West will provide one team for the final match on May 6.

The Broncos received a first-week bye, similar to the League of Legends schedule. The Broncos will then face Colorado State (April 22, 7 PM),  Air Force (April 24, 7 PM), Wyoming (April 26, 7 PM), and New Mexico (April 29, 7 PM)

All Bronco fans have the opportunity to watch games live at the Boise State Gamepants Esports Arena located at 301 South Capitol Blvd. in Boise. Admission is always free.

Rocket League is MWC Grand Champion

Despite the absence of Rocket League in the Mountain West Conference Esports event, schools led by Utah State University Esports created their own Mountain West Spring Classic to serve as the conference championship in the popular 3v3 game.

Teams representing the University of Wyoming, San Jose State University, Colorado State University, University of Nevada Reno, University of New Mexico, University of Nevada Las Vegas, San Diego State University, and Boise State battled it out in a double elimination bracket.

Early predictions identified the potential final match as Colorado State versus Utah State, both talented teams. Colorado State was upset by this year’s surprise power Nevada. Boise State was able to replicate the result versus Utah state in a game that happened face-to-face in the Boise State arena earlier this year. After defeating Nevada in the Winners Final, Colorado State and Utah State participated in the Redemption Bracket semi-final for a chance to play Nevada to get into the championship game.

Utah State advanced to play Nevada and almost performed a reverse sweep. However, Nevada took control with a minute left in game six to close out the Aggies in advance to the championship game with Boise State.

The Broncos ultimately defeated the Wolfpack in the grand final to claim the Mountain West Spring Classic title.


LoL National Championships Run

(Updated: 4/29)

The 2019 championship run ended in sight of the live finals. The play-in round concluded with Boise State being eliminated from consideration with a record of 3-4. Advancing with an automatic bid from Group B was Michigan State. Columbia College and North Carolina would compete with UT Austin and San Jose State, the Mountain West Conference champion.

(Below is the excerpt from the originals post.)

As Boise State’s League of Legends squad continues to push for their first-ever invitation to the cLoL live finals in Los Angeles, the picture becomes more clear. After winning two of their three games on the opening weekend of the 16-team play-in turn meant, the Broncos have identified 5 wins as the next step in what needs to be done in order to earn that invitation.


With Columbia College being identified as the top team in the bracket, the Broncos are battling it out with the Michigan State squad for the second position in the tournament qualifier. Boise State defeated South Carolina and Depaul University but dropped the head-to-head match against MSU. Saturday, April 13, the Broncos take on their final four opponents including Drew University, Columbia College, North Carolina State, and NYIT.  The Broncos will need to win all 4 games to guarantee a spot without help. However, Boise State will be hoping for an NC State upset over Michigan State and to win at least three games on the day.  Winning 5 of the 7 games might just be enough for a ticket to LA.

Tune in and watch the Broncos Saturday, April 13 starting at 2 PM live at the Esports arena on 301 South Capitol Blvd. or on


League of Legends Post-season

After winning 10 straight games in the regular season in Collegiate League of Legends,  the Broncos qualify for the round of 16 play-in tournament for a chance at their first national championship.  Despite losing in the Mountain West conference championship match in Las Vegas to San Jose State University, the team still qualifies for the postseason.

Four teams automatically advance as winners of their respective automatic qualifier divisions, North, East, West, and Big Ten. Each of these automatic qualifier divisions send their first seed directly to the Riot headquarters in May for the eight-team tournament. 16 teams, including Boise State and San Jose State, will play for the remaining four spots.

Group B opponents for the Broncos include Columbia College, DePaul University, Drew University, Michigan State University, New York Institute of Technology, North Carolina State University, University of South Carolina, Aiken.   All teams in the group will play a best-of-1 round Robin. The top two teams will advance to the live finals.

The Broncos prepared to take down Air Force at the Mountain West Conference championships in Las Vegas.

Results and details can be found here.

Boise State University Starcraft 2 Recruitment

Boise State University is pleased to announce our search for Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Student-Athletes.
We will be competing in the 2019 TESPA Starcraft 2 Tournament Series:
Welcome to the 2019 StarCraft II Tespa Collegiate Series – Team Brawl! This season will include two qualifiers, a round-robin stage, followed by playoffs. Do you have what it takes to take the collegiate StarCraft crown?

If you are interested in joining the Starcraft 2 team, please reach out to our director of Esports, Ryan McNamee

We will be hosting Try-Outs on Thursday at 2pm in the Battlegrounds on level 220 in the Education Building.

All info on Tespa:

Boise State Qualifies for National Championships in Hearthstone

Boise State Hearthstone Team

In its inaugural year, the Boise State Hearthstone team qualified from the round of 16 playoffs to the final eight teams in the collegiate Hearthstone tournament hosted by TESPA, the tournament body for Blizzard. After being ranked 1st in the nation for the latter half of the regular season, the team failed to win the varsity conference title, which went to rival University Utah. However, the postseason qualifying tournament was a different story. Russell “Onionrings22” Leinenger, Augustin “ForTheHorde” Cheeley, and Jonathan “Bawrkers” Demaree brought a clever approach with deck composition to ensure they would win in the qualifying tournament. They will face Stanford University in the opening bracket in a best of 11 series with the chance to advance to the semi finals and the finals.

Esports Battleground Open to the Public

Boise State eSports Battleground Open

The Esports Battleground, a 24-seat state of the art gaming arena is now open to both Boise State Students and the public. In the style of Korean “PCBANG” cyber-cafes, players can play for hours on top-tier gaming machines from Omen by HP.  For $3 an hour, gamers can enjoy the latest game titles from Blizzard, Riot, Epic, Steam, and more. The space is also home to the varsity eSports teams playing League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.

If players are interested in requesting games for the lab, they can request it from lab personnel.

It is temporarily located on the 2nd floor of the Education Building in room E220, but will move to its permanent location with 100 machines, a broadcast studio, and spectator arena this summer in time for Fall 2018.

Varsity League of Legends Team Announced

Tryouts for the first Boise State University varsity League of Legends team were held the week before Christmas in the new temporary sports lab located in the education building. Players participated both in person and online in three days of play, coaching, and evaluation with 12 players selected for the inaugural squad.   The team will participate in the 12 week spring season with universities from around North America and compete in the College League of Legends tournament hosted by Riot Entertainment.

The roster for this team is listed below.

Varsity League of Legends Roster

The 2018 Varsity League of Legends roster averages at Diamond rank.
Cole FowlerGedhawk1Top Lane
Alexander MooreNotKobaTop Lane
Paul VaughanSulpanJungler
Luther YuLYUMid Lane / Jungler
Daniel WuWujinMid Lane
Conner TidwellFadeADC
Robert FaricyLlynxADC
Brandon KosiancicRedhotsADC
Derek BryantAdopted LemonsSupport
Brett JonesPhaty11Support
Kevin KelleyMythmaker13Flex
Moteeb NainUnfolded TacoFlex

Additional invitations may be extended to specific players who are unable to try out.

The 2018 Varsity League of Legends team will participate in both a regular season and the College League of Legends series and tournament.  The regular season will consist of teams in the Mountain West Conference, Big Ten, Pac 12, and NACe schools.  All regular-season games will be broadcast on the University Twitch channel at  In all, the team will play 20 intercollegiate games in the 12 week season.

Season Schedule

DateOpponentTime MT
1/10/2018Nevada6:00 PM
1/17/2018NMSU6:00 PM
1/24/2018Colorado State7:30 PM
1/31/2018Oregon6:00 PM
2/7/2018Georgia Southern7:30 PM
2/14/2018Penn State7:30 PM
2/21/2018Washington State7:30 PM
2/28/2018Maryville7:30 PM
3/7/2018UNLV6:00 PM
3/14/2018Idaho7:30 PM

The team will be led by esports directors Dr. Chris Haskell and Dr. Brett Shelton with coaching by professional players/coaches Kurtis “Mushi” Nicks and Nicolas “NicothePico” Korsgård from Fnatic.

Partnered with Omen by HP, Ballistix, Twitch, Archon Clothing, and others, the team expects to be featured heavily in media coverage during the spring esports season.