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eSports Program Staff

Chris Haskell

Dr. Chris Haskell,
Director and Head Coach of eSports

Administrate Tryouts & Team Selection
Oversee practice schedule
Coordinate coaching
Coordinate Evaluation
Lab Schedule
Lab Finance reporting
Coordinate Lab
Train Broadcast Personal

Coordinate Tespa, uLoL, tournaments
Coordinate Broadcast Talent
Coordinate 10wk Spring Reg Season
Coordinate 10wk Fall Reg Season
Direct Wed & Sat Reg Season Broadcast
Coordinate Video Production
Coordinate Broadcast Schedule
Coordinate Social Media (Twitter, FB, Twitch)
Coordinate Updates & Fixes
Assist with Visual Marketing

Brett Shelton

Dr. Brett Shelton,
Director and General Manager of eSports

Budget & purchasing
Travel & Big event scheduling
Media guide
Oversee Sponsorship
HS Tournament
Uniforms and gear
Branding and marketing
Student Handbook
Player eligibility
Exit Interviews

Jeff Benton

Jeff Benton
Managing Director of Boise State Esports


Managing  Director
Business and Partnership Development
Sponsorship and Donor Relations

Ryan McNamee

Ryan McNamee
Director of Esports Operations

Battleground and  Esports Arena Manager
Broadcast and Production Specialist
Social Media and Community Manager

Assist Head Coach in the coordination of Projects and initiatives
Administrative duties, course scheduling, email inquiries
Event planning, student recruitment for teams and representing Esports
Train and supervise student employees
Boise State University