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General FAQ

Tournament Organization:

Who is running the event?

The event was conceived by leadership in the Boise State University College of Education, the College of Innovation + Design, and specifically within the Directors of the Varsity Bronco eSports teams. Professors, staff, and deans of these colleges, with the support of other Boise State personnel (such as event services and information technology) are donating their time and effort to organize the event.

What are the start and check-in times for the tournament?

This is subject to change between now and when registration closes, but tentative schedule is:

  • Check in begins at 9:30am
  • First games start at 11am
  • Finals are between 7-9pm

What is required of the Team Advisor regarding attendance and duties at the tournament?

Advisors must be an employee or approved by the school to be a volunteer. If advisor is a volunteer, they will be asked to provide a contact name from the school that can confirm approval. Advisors will be asked to help students complete the registration process. (We will cc you on all instructions, updates that go out, etc.. and ask that you check in with them to assist. ) Advisors should provide general support and encouragement for students to practice and prepare as a team. Most imporantly, advisors chaperone the team at the event on April 21st. We will have volunteers supervising the game rooms, but they will be in the advisors charge outside of those rooms in the Student Union.

Will food and beverages be available at the tournament?

Free snacks and drinks will be available to players in the VIP lounge. The Student Union has multiple food venues including “all you can eat” student dining hall, Subway, Chick-fil-A and Starbucks that are open to everyone.

What I can do during the my down time when I am not playing?

Watch other players, hangout in the VIP lounge, check out the game center in the Student Union, walk around campus with your advisor, just don’t go too far if you have an upcoming game. Late players forfeit the game.

Registration and Eligibility:

What is cost for registration?

Cost for registration is $25 per player. All revenue from the event will be used to offset costs incurred in the event itself.

Can you register individual players, or can you register only a team?

Players are required to register individually with parental/legal guardian permission.

Can you bring in players outside of Idaho to play on a team?

Yes, however, the majority of players on any individual team must be enrolled in a single Idaho high school.

I am a homeschooled high school student, may I form or join a team?

Homeschooled students may join a team for a traditional high school or form their own homeschool team, as long as all participants are high school aged and Idaho residents.

Can teams join in the tournament remotely?

All participants agree upon registration to be at the tournament in person.

Are middle school students allowed to participate, or join a high school team?

All participants must be enrolled in a high school or be homeschooled and high school aged.

Why can't I register for League of Legends?

We are only able to field 8 teams, so we have created a lottery system to pay. Lottery will be drawn and participants notified before April 7th.

When can I expect registration confirmation?

Within 2 business days of pre-registering, you will receive confirmation that your team has secured a slot and links to officially register. (exception: League of Legends).

When will the League of Legends lottery be drawn?

It depends on demand, but before April 7th.

How do I connect my advisor with you if I listed them as TBD?

Email with their contact information. Links to officially register will not be sent to participants without a confirmed advisor.


Do we need to bring our own consoles, controllers, PCs, mice, and keyboards?

No, everything is provided.
However, players are allowed to bring their own peripherals (controller, headset, mouse..), if they like.
You can plug a console controller into the PC. Our PC’s have standard drivers installed, but it is possible (but unlikely) that your remote requires a driver we do not have installed.
No new drivers will be installed at the tournament, so you would be required to play on provided equipment in that situation.
You will want to arrive early for your game time if you bring peripherals.
Games will start on time –or be forfeited.

Materials and Promotion:

Prizes and Swag:

What are the prizes for game?

There will be recognition of champions and championship teams archived on the Bronco eSports website, and promoted through local media. Other awards, such as trophies, will be distributed as well. Other prizes may be added as the event nears.