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General Rules and Game Specific Rules

Boise State Admins may determine the action to take in the case of an unforeseen event such as machine malfunction, disconnect, etc. In case there is a dispute, the game coordinator has the last say.

Who’s in charge of coordinating brackets and resolving disputes if they arise?

Each category of event will have their own team of Bronco eSport team volunteers to manage matches, and keep schedules. Teams will also have leaders to take care of disputes if they arise. If those disputes cannot resolved, they will be taken to the event Commissioner who has final decision-making authority. The Commissioner for for the inaugural event in 2018 is a Professor of Educational Technology and Co-Director of Bronco Varsity eSports.

Will substitutes be allowed? I.e. can a team, for all events other than Super Smash Bros 4 have more than the minimum required amount of players, and how will they be allowed to substitute for other players?

Yes, substitutes are only allowed in the event that a registered player cannot make the game due to extenuating circumstances like illness, emergencies, etc. Substitutes need to have a parent permission form signed before playing. Registration fee will be waived. Advisors will be sent parent permission forms in advance, so potential subs can come prepared.

Not allowed: Substitutes who are used for the purpose of replacing teammates in order to gain a strategic advantage. For example, if a team is comprised of players A, B, and C with substitute D. Player D cannot replace players A, B, or C after the first match in order to change up the play and confuse or misdirect the opposing team.


Why is Overwatch played as 3 vs. 3 when traditionally it is played as 6 vs. 6?

For 2018, Overwatch teams will be 3 vs. 3 to encourage more teams and more matches within the time frame of the tournament. In subsequent years, 6 vs. 6 matches may be added.

Will games be best of three, best of five, or one map only?

As is standard for control point maps the game mode will be best of three.

Will normal games be a different Bo(X) than the finals or semifinals?

No, all games of Overwatch will be best of three.

Super Smash Bros 4

For Smash Bros 4, have you considered crews in addition to a standard/doubles event?

For 2018, Smash Bros 4 will be limited to single player matches. In subsequent years, additional formats may be added.

Which type of Smash Bros will be played (Smash Bros 4, etc.)?

Super Smash Bros 4 on the Wii U with multiple controller types available.

Rocket League

What do I need to make a Rocket League team?

Rocket League teams are 3 vs. 3, so three players per team. A majority of players must be enrolled in a single high school from Idaho.

What kind of platforms can we use for Rocket League?

Rocket League will be played on a PC with Xbox controllers available for use.

League of Legends