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High School eSports

Boise State invites all Idaho high school students
to form teams for the

Idaho High School

Esports Tournament

Tournament starts in:

Saturday, April 27th, 2019
For details and how to register visit:


Boise State is thrilled to announce it will be the location for the eSports High School Tournament on Saturday, April 27th, 2019.

Saturday, April 27th is the Championship hosted at Boise State University. Play will start at 9 am. 

* Cost is $45 entry fee per player.  You can enter multiple events, but we cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to play multiple events because of scheduling.  After registration closes, we’ll make the schedule the best we can and work with you to determine which team(s) you’ll play for

Registration closes Monday, April 8th. After registration is closed, we will choose the most popular games and generate a schedule. Based on the popularity of last year’s event, we are considering having online qualifiers for the popular titles, if needed. The online qualifiers will be after school the week of April 15th.

All Idaho high school students are invited to form a team to compete in:

  • * Please choose which game(s) you would like to compete. TEAMS MUST CONSIST OF PLAYERS FROM THE SAME HIGH SCHOOL.
    CSGO: 5 players per team
    DOTA 2: 5 players per team
    League of Legends: 5 players per team
    APEX Legends: 3 players per team
    Rocket League: 2 players per team 
    (we might support 3v3 or 4v4 if there’s interest)
    OverWatch: 6 players per team
      “shootout” format TBD based on the number of entries

Eligibility: teams will need an adult advisor associated with the high school

Any questions please direct them to

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